Dolisie: The Red City

Dolisie: The Red City
DOLISIE. I hope you had a great weekend! In this article, I wanted to share another city of the Republic of the Congo, called Dolisie.
Briefly, the city is small, clean, quiet, and red (because of the clay)!
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  1. 27 février 2012 / 15 h 00 min

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  2. 27 février 2012 / 15 h 02 min

    beautiful photos.j adore the Congo is a country that I like. I went on vacation once the battle and I was charmed.

  3. 27 février 2012 / 23 h 08 min

    Looks like such a beautiful place. And you look lovely. The stripes and the florals are such a fresh look. xoxo

  4. 28 février 2012 / 12 h 30 min

    Wow you look so adorable and cute. The skirt is fabulous and you are so beuatiful.
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