From Istanbul to Venise

From Istanbul to Venise
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Louis Vuitton Carnet de Voyage
What a great afternoon! I was walking with a friend when we decided to go to Printemps. Christmas is coming and it’s so exciting!
Decorations for men’s fashion are exceptional. I love every detail of cities presented … Vienna and Music, London and Elizabeth II, Moscow
and the fur hat … Christmas will be just magical! 🙂 This, make me want to visit each city. To go to discover their culture and lifestyle.
Actually, all this makes me dream, Christmas and December brings me back to mychildhood …I will then publish the fashionable woman thought by Karl Lagerfeld, you’ll see it’s insane.


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  1. 12 novembre 2011 / 22 h 30 min

    Travelling around the world only by looking a vitrine…nice post!

  2. 14 novembre 2011 / 20 h 40 min

    Wow! Amazing exhibition!

    And I love Moschino belts too 😀

  3. 15 novembre 2011 / 15 h 36 min

    compliments!!!gorgeous pics!!!!

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