How to Be Dressed on Sunday Afternoon

How to Be Dressed on Sunday Afternoon
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Here I have chosen some of “it” items that I could wear every day, and at different moment of the day.On this sunday afternoon I wanted to try a comfy-chic look with a crop sweater, romantic braids and a Givenchy pink lipstick !

Boots: also worn with a dress
check out:Same Boots x Dress


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  1. 9 novembre 2013 / 22 h 18 min

    I have loved your blog for a couple of years now! I finally got the courage to start my own:) I also talk about fashion and natural hair! I hope to one day have a blog as great as yours! i would love for you to visit my blog and tell me what you think! you can also follow me on blog lovin 🙂

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