SATURDAY. Pink lips as a candy, denim skirt, the jacket and the platform with the same color… how is the bottom? A jeans slim. Nothing special. But finally the entire outfit is quite a good.
CHANEL n°65 Insolente
Nail polish “Lamé Gold” MAVALA
Platform Shoes KURT GEIGER

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  1. 27 novembre 2011 / 17 h 43 min

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  2. 27 novembre 2011 / 21 h 39 min

    Love the pics… and Chanel lipstick… wow I love that color!

    xoxo asiahlynn

  3. 4 décembre 2011 / 14 h 34 min

    this is incred, love the photos
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin 🙂
    let me know!

  4. 8 décembre 2011 / 18 h 39 min

    How cute are you? I love the chambray shirt and those shoes!

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  5. 13 janvier 2012 / 18 h 33 min

    I love your shoes!
    Do you know that you’re really beautiful ?

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