Meeting with Ohiri Kréation

Meeting with Ohiri Kréation
The designer – Akébehi K
@Ethnicia Faubourg Saint-Honoré


Few days ago I discovered the incredible Ohiri Kréation jewels.

This jewelry brand is inspired by the tradition of the Akan’s world and the African cultural diversity. The brand proposes hand-made jewels allying Modernity and Tradition.
It was a relaxing moment where I travelled back in time discovering jewels made with old materials.

The designer, Akébehi K, succeeded to create a unique moment.
The evening took place Ethnicia in Faubourg Saint-Honoré, thanks to Hapsatou Sy!

I let you discover by yourself!
Dans l’air du temps: Le « Col Claudine »

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  1. 17 novembre 2012 / 8 h 33 min

    J’adore, c’est magnifique et très inspiré

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