n°104 Orange Fashionista

n°104 Orange Fashionista
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Photos captured by Dorie M. – Republic of the Congo
Top H&M Jeans,Shoes ZARA Lipstick LANCÔME “Orange Fashionista”
Finally the weekend has come! What are you going to do? Personally, I plan to do some sport, to work, to take care of me, and to relax me!
When I look at these photos, I remember how much I love this lipstick with my tanned skin. Actually, it’s the color that beautify my face!
The only problem it’s that the product doesn’t exist anymore, and I’ve never found one similar!
Thanks you for stopping by… Bisous

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  1. 25 janvier 2013 / 20 h 23 min

    love your look! the lipstick is perfect on you! very sorry that u can find it anymore 🙁 hope you’ll fine something which can fill the gap! 🙂

  2. 26 janvier 2013 / 2 h 58 min

    J’aime beaucoup le top!

  3. 27 janvier 2013 / 3 h 00 min

    MAC’s colour Lady Danger is similar to this one if not that same! I have a similar skin tone and it comes off like this one on me. You should try it out! Love your blog, so glad you’ve been posting more often.

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