Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese
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Photo Credit : Jybet Tatiasse

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Hi Guys! This is one of my favorite shooting day in Roma, Villa Borghese or Il Pinco is an incredible place which offers to you a fantastic view of Piazza del Popolo and that great City ! If you go there, you have to reach it by night or day !
The city and people into it really inspired me when I choose this outfit! Girls were very comfy in shorty and « crop top » without paying attention to people who may look at her. So, at the beginning I wasn’t sure about mixing violet and flashy yellow, but it were very great finally. I admit that, my lover really encourage me to mix that 2 colors!
More, I didn’t know that Pepe Jeans create also a jewel collection, and I reaaaally liked it! If you can go to their shop, just look at JEWELS !!! There were absoluuute !
Enjoy !
, Shelly

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  1. 27 décembre 2013 / 5 h 23 min

    Love the colors in your outfit. They complement each other perfectly 🙂

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