We Love Our Natural Hair

We Love Our Natural Hair
Hello Readers! You have already guessed it, this post is about HAIR ! After experiencing & enjoying our natural hair for a few time now, we wanted to celebrate it making a shooting photo !
Here you can enjoy 3 different hairstyles :
The High Bun for a chic, and finished look!
The Romantic Braid & Loose Hair for an effortless but feminine look!
And mine, all loose, but with a discrete side parting to create a form for an everyday, everytime look !
Write me a comment if you want to know more about these hairstyles !
Enjoy the Photos and Have a Wonderful Day !
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Photo Credit : Alix Guillien Martel
Coat SANDRO  Shirt H&M   Jean ZARA  Boots JONAK Handbag &OTHER STORIES Bracelet &OTHER STORIES and  PEPE JEANS (with the violet touch)
Lipstick “Mystic Pink” GIVENCHY

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    • 15 janvier 2014 / 12 h 44 min

      Thanks you 🙂 ! Hope that you love the post !

  1. 4 février 2014 / 13 h 11 min

    Interesting!!!!! i also decided to take control of my hair!!! Some advice?! 😉 Thnks

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